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Exceptional Property delivered exceptionally well.

Noorden is a boutique real estate company specialising in Off-The-Plan marketing, sales and property management.

We are passionate about Off-The-Plan property because we love the journey it allows us to take our buyers on.

After all, who does not dream of the feeling of unlocking a brand-new luxury piece of real estate as the very first owner?

For many people, purchasing Off-The-Plan property represents a new chapter of their lives.

A new home.

A new way of living.

A new sense of freedom.

At Noorden, we believe that whilst the ultimate destination may well be the day you open the door to this exciting new part of your life, the journey that takes you there is what will ensure the first pages of this new chapter are happy ones.

Noorden specialises in the marketing and sale of Off-The-Plan developments because we are:

Picky – We only work with trusted builders, architects and developers with runs on the board who are well known for building truly bespoke residences that hit the mark for our sophisticated and varied clientele.

Transparent – We understand the value of communication, transparency and above all trust. Buying Off-The-Plan means taking a leap of faith that the finished product is going to look and feel every bit as amazing as the artist’s renders and architectural plans. We hold your hand throughout the journey, answer any and all questions and ensure you are consistently updated as the project reaches major milestones to ensure you feel like you are a part of the process and not just a customer.

Experienced – Because we only sell Off-The-Plan properties, we are well versed in the process from start to finish. That means we can educate you on the process, guide you through the opportunities, help you assess and balance the pros and cons of any given opportunity for your individual circumstances and can connect you with the relevant experts you will need to ensure your experience with us is a happy one.

Passionate – Being the “Off-The-Plan specialists” is not a marketing gimmick for Noorden. It’s a true and transparent statement of where our passion lies in the convoluted real estate market. We never set out to be the biggest agency in the world. We set out to deal exclusively in premium Off-The-Plan properties and bring these exceptionally valued residences to downsizers, investors and homemakers alike who are looking for something unique in the crowded market. We love working in this space because we are genuinely excited about the quality of the Off-The-Plan opportunities we are able to bring to the market.

In it for the long haul – Unlike most agents, our journey with our clients does not end with settlement. We are here to assist with any queries beyond settlement, as well as ongoing property management for our clients, whether they need their brand-new residence managed or their portfolio. We can genuinely say we have developed great relationships with our clients that have lasted well beyond their dealings with us.

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DAVID LAMOND - Noorden Pty Ltd creator, Officer in Effective Control & Senior Sales Agent 

David Lamond lives and breathes Off-The-Plan property.

In founding Noorden, David was passionate about delivering a higher level of experience for Off-The-Plan purchasers that delivered on high levels of customer engagement, transparency, and service.

Excited by the potential of Off-The-Plan property and the process that is involved in the creation of brand-new real estate, David loves nothing more than helping his clients visualise the possibilities in some of the south-east’s most idyllic bayside suburbs.

With over 15 years of experience in Off-The-Plan sales, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every transaction he is involved in.

Passionate about working with builders and developers who have  a great track record of creating truly exquisite real estate, David works diligently to ensure that the opportunities he brings to the market are truly unique.

Providing transparency and confidence is the key to ensuring that the properties David sells is a perfect match for each individual client.

Whether their goals are to downsize and enjoy retirement, invest in incredible opportunities or create a new lifestyle for their family, David is careful to match the opportunity to the right client for the right reasons.

David ensures that his clients are kept updated throughout the process from the time they sign the contract through to well after settlement has occurred.

Outside of Noorden, David is married and a father to his two amazing children.

Contact David Lamond


0416 422 279

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DARYL WILKINSON - Senior Sales Agent 

Over 18 years of Off-The-Plan sales experience has helped Daryl Wilkinson to appreciate the vision and execution that goes into crafting exceptional property developments.

At Noorden, Daryl helps his buyers to share in that vision and brings them on the journey towards its fulfilment.

Daryl embraces the challenge of helping people understand the potential and to truly visualise what their life spaces might look like, even when that space is yet to be realised – a challenge which he believes is made all the more rewarding by the reactions of his clients when they enter their untouched, brand-new residence.

Passionate about delivering quality projects to his clients, Daryl advocates passionately for his buyers and loves working with Noorden because of the exceptional level of work delivered by the developers and builders Noorden works for.

Taking great comfort in the lengths Noorden goes through to ensure that the projects being sold are delivered by reputable professionals who can be relied on to produce truly bespoke, one-of-a-kind projects that are built with immaculate detail, Daryl loves being able to help his clients acquire outstanding properties that are fit for living and/or investment.

Daryl is married and father to one child.

Contact Daryl Wilkinson


0410 377 377

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ANTHONY MEIK - Senior Specialist in Property Management

Noorden’s straight-talking, transparent, honest and handy Property Manager Anthony Meik brings a different approach to property management.

Anthony has been a property manager for over 15 years and prides himself on being a problem solver and a people’s person.

Whether helping you find the right tenant, or assisting your tenant through a minor property hiccup, Anthony saves both landlords and tenants time and money thanks to his proactive approach to his work.

As a property manager, Anthony puts relationships at the heart of everything he does and always looks out for the best interests of his clients.

When it comes to tenant selection, Anthony is firm believer in the notion that waiting for the right tenant always trumps problem solving a troublesome tenant and with over a decade-and-a-half of experience, Anthony knows how to pick the good tenants from the bad.

Anthony can be trusted to manage single or multiple property portfolios, regardless of whether they have been acquired via the Noorden sales team.

Contact Anthony Meik


0409 561 423

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MARIKA LAMOND - Admin & Marketing

Noorden’s administrative and organisational superstar, Marika Lamond is one of our best-kept secrets.

Marika’s exceptional eye for detail and outstanding ability to keep David, Daryl and Anthony in line means the boys can focus on what they do best and provide outstanding customer service to Noorden’s diverse range of clients.

Handling our accounts and administration, Marika plays a crucial role in assisting the boys in ensuring that all clients receive their communications proactively and as required and helps to keep all parties ticking on in the right direction.

With the added benefit of boasting a Bachelor of Business, specialising in Marketing and a Diploma of Interior Design, Marika offers a genuine triple threat skillset that are perfect for her role in our Off-The-Plan Property Sales and Management agency.

Marika’s ability to run the show behind the scenes, all whilst balancing her duties as a mum of two, offering her time as a volunteer at school AND even managing to sneak in a few property renovations is the ultimate testament to Marika’s unmatched time-management.

Of Polish descent, Marika is genuine lover of animals and also a brilliant creator of websites (a bit like the one you’re on now!)

Marika Lamond


0422 574 170